“Sticks and stones may break my bones; but, words….”

Words not only have a mental effect; but, they also have energetic consequences.

Sharing and supportive listening helps to create connection and companionship in navigating life. It may be something that we read, watched, heard (i.e., news, a bit of gossip) or experienced in an interaction. Sometimes, it may be difficulty with the words or actions of a partner, family member, friend, coworker or random person/people. To make sense of what we witnessed or experienced and to express our feelings, we may “process” by thinking about/analyzing it or confiding in a loved one. Feeling may arise of heaviness, worry, frustration, hurt, indignation, anger, or dismay/disbelief. We can think or say things about a person/people that may be hurtful if they were to hear them.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether the person or people hear the hurtful words; they still have an energetic impact. The thoughts that fuel these words act as a transmission of judgment. People will say that they “felt” judgment even before someone made a comment directly to them or hearing it “through the grapevine.” This may consciously or unconsciously contribute to a sense of insecurity, lack of self esteem, doubts about one’s ability to succeed, beliefs that they can’t do things right, and even feelings of being sabotaged, sadness, worry, fear, anger, etc. In some cases, a person may have somatic expressions of these emotions in the body (i.e., pain, inflammation, dis-ease). This takes toxicity and fragmentation to a whole other level.

The research of Drs. Candace Pert and Daniel Amen have shown that feelings and thoughts create a biochemical response and affect physiological functioning; regardless if they are about oneself or others. The sages talk about what we say or do to another, we are also doing the same to ourselves. As we are able to clear and release/reduce what we absorb; our words (as well as thoughts, feelings, or actions) can create balance/peace contributing to our health, wellbeing, and quality of life. The peace that we create for ourself is transmitted to others and the world.

Love and Light,

Dr. Myra